Monday, August 31, 2009

I Have A Loose Tooth by Sally Noll

This is a typical story about a little girl named Molly and her loose tooth. Molly wakes up one day and finds out that she has a loose tooth and tries to tell anyone and everyone about it. However, because of various reasons no one seems to understand what she is saying. After several misunderstandings Molly learns that she can express herself in other ways instead of just speaking that may be more effective in getting her point across.

I thought this story was really cute and really relatable for children because everyone loses their teeth and everyone is misunderstood sometimes. What I thought was interesting was that at the end of the story Molly writes a letter with a picture to tell her family that she has a loose tooth. In my future classroom I could see using this book to initiate a discussion about different types of communication; sign language, brail, pictures, writing, etc. and discuss how and why people use them. I think it is a good way to discuss other ways to communicate that can often be more effective.

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