Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Amanda's Perfect Hair by Linda Milstein

This is a really cute story about a little girl named Amanda who has CRAZY hair. Everywhere she goes people are always making comments about her hair and she doesn't feel that they are really noticing her. Her teachers always tell her how beautiful her hair is, her friends tell her how much fun it is to style her hair in new ways, and her brother and sister always pester her about it. Eventually she gets tired of people noticing her hair before they notice her and she decides that she will cut it all off. When she comes out of the bathroom she has cut her hair extremely short and at first everyone is shocked. Then they realize how much they love it and tell her that it looks great.

I thought this was a good story because it was really fun and I think children would like it a lot. I think it also shows that you can be yourself and do what you want to do and people will still like you and respect you for it. I definitely think it can provide a lesson for children but it is also just a fun story to read.

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