Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Picture Day Today! by Megan McDonald and Katherine Tillotson

This book is about a bunch of materials; yarn, string, buttons, funny shaped glasses, feathers, you name it. They all gather together for a class picture and, like most class pictures, it is chaos. Several things are late, including the most important material...Glue! Eventually, they all get there and Glue helps everyone get ready and the picture is taken. The final page of the book folds out so it is actually 4 pages wide and it is a picture of all of the materials. However, Glue put all of them together and there are bodies and faces created from of these various materials.

I thought this book was really creative and really fun! I was reading it trying to figure out where it was going and how it would end and then when they all came to together to make faces and bodies it was almost like a surprise ending. The illustrations are from cut out paper and I think it really makes them stand out and gives them a sort of 3D effect. I think this book would be great for children because it takes simple things like buttons and yarn and turns them into characters and I think it would be great for encouraging students to "think outside the box."

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  1. Dear Hillary,

    Thank you for your post on our book!

    The seed for the story was planted on an afternoon that the author, Megan McDonald spent with her three-year old niece. They sat together at a kitchen table with paper, buttons, pom-poms, sequins and all manner of things spread out in front of them.

    The little girl had never been introduced to glue. Imagine her delight when gradually, bit by bit, a clown emerged!

    I like to think that this new book is a metaphor for all of us. We each put ourselves together, bit by bit, in surprising and totally unique ways.

    With warm regards,
    Katherine Tillotson