Thursday, September 17, 2009

Babymouse: The Musical by Jennifer L. Holm and Mattew Holm

This is a graphic novel, from a series, about a young mouse named Babymouse and her experience at school and in particular, her experience with the school musical. Babymouse really enjoys musicals so the book is set up similar to a musical; each chapter is an Act and around the middle of the book there is an "intermission" page. There were a lot of references to popular musicals throughout the story and it was when Babymouse was imagining situations happening to her. For example; she was thinking about her math homework and talking to her friends about math as if she were in a scene from "Grease." She really loves musicals so when her school has auditions for the school musical she wants to try out but she's not very graceful. Eventually, she decides to try out and she gets the understudy for the lead role. On the opening night she gets to go on in the middle because the main character gets a hairball (Felicia Furrypaws-a cat). Babymouse is really nervous but does a great job until the very end of the play when she goes the wrong direction and falls off the stage and causes everything to collapse.

This is a really cute series that I think children would really enjoy. I definitely think it is relatable and it is really funny; I was laughing out loud reading some it. I enjoyed that there were comparisons to other musicals throughout the story because I thought it really brought a lot to it and made it even more fun to read. I also really liked the characters; her "enemy" is a cat and one of her friends that she meets is a hedgehog. It really comes at children in a different way than if the characters were all just humans and I think it makes it more fun to read.

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