Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Duck and Cover by Jackie Urbanovic

This was a book about an alligator named Harold who escapes from a zoo after he is accused of eating a little girl's pet dog. He goes to a nearby house where a woman and all of her pets live. No one wants to help Harold, except for one duck named Max. He convinces Irene, the owner of all of the animals, to let him in and try to hide him and he succeeds and convincing the other animals in the house that he is harmless. Eventually, the zoo comes looking for him and they tell him that they made a mistake, the dog he ate was just a hot dog not a pet dog, and Harold goes back to his home at the zoo.

I thought this book was fun to read. The text was a lot different from a typical book. The words were all over the page sometimes and there was no consistent text or font; if they were yelling it would be larger and usually in a different color. There were also small dialogues from some of the characters that were very small and were sometimes hard to notice if you weren't focused on looking for them. The story also used a lot of great actioin words or words for sounds that I think children would love because it would be fun for them to try to read them with expression and create the sounds that the words were representing. I think this book is great because it gets away from a lot of the routine, typical book layouts that most students and teachers are used to but it is still understandable and organized.

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