Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pearl and Wagner: One Funny Day by Kate McMullan

This story is about a bunny named Pearl and a mouse named Wagner who are friends from school. This particular book focuses on April Fools Day at school and all of the events that happen throughout the funny day. Wagner's day started off horribly after he overslept and is almost late. From there, his classmates and teachers play practical jokes on him that he does not find to be very funny at all. At the end of the story he becomes very sick and has to go to the nurse. When he comes back into the classroom he is covered in green spots and he tells the class he has "bug pox" which he got from being tricked into drinking bug juice. Everyone is very worried until Wagner yells, "April Fools!"

I thought this book was really cute and I loved reading it. It is classified as a level 2 easy-to-read book so it would be great for younger, beginning readers but I think older students would still love a lot of the humore in it as well. This book had male characters in traditionally "female" roles- a librarian and a cafeteria/lunch lady- and I thought that was an interesting piece to this book. However, the teacher is still a female. I really enjoyed this book and I thought the humor was great and children would really love it.

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